Social Work Careers - Three Options For Study and Work Options

Column talks about current social worker requirements, or other points about getting one kind or another degree in social work programs.  It covers how to be a social worker, how long does it take to become a social worker, and so on:


A career in social work involves being passionate by improving people lives. In addition, the job description for a counselor is very involved and requires helping people to solve issues in their life. Many of the clients are dealing with family issues like sexual abuse, substance abuse and relationship problems. Also, some of the clients will be facing issues like disability, poverty, housing help, social issues, life threatening illnesses, job training and unemployment. Dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disease and adjustment disorders are part of the counseling process.

Gerontology Careers

Social work is one of these career fields that are expecting a job increase in the next few years. The population of the elderly is increasing and the baby boom generation will create more jobs in the health and social services. In the next few years, there will be a major need for gerontology social workers. There are positions in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and senior residents for working with this population.

Family and Children Positions

There has always been a need for family social workers in the school setting and at the Department of Family and Children services. Social workers in this field are needed to investigate child abuse, foster homes and adoptive families. Ongoing counseling short and long-term is also part of the job often.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mental health and social abuse positions are one of many options for people pursuing a career in social work. In addition, there is a strong demand for social workers specializing in substance abuse. The reason for the increase is that more substance abusers are being sentence to treatment centers instead of prison. Also, many substance abuse cases are being required to go under treatment for probation. In certain states a special certification for substance abuse is needed to work with those with drug dependencies.

There are a number of career options in the social work field. It really depends on a person's individual career goals and how the person wants to make an impact on the world. In addition, there are positions in social work that require therapists to help a person and their families cope with living with illnesses such as terminal cancer. Many social workers work in school environments and help students cope with peer pressure and test anxiety. Teens suffer from depression and anxiety just like adults.

Looking to Learn More About a Career in Social Work

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