Get Sleep Spray to Transdermally Induce Slumber

Quote from news excerpt reviewing the relatively new technology of melatonin spray, and where to get sleep spray in the market. Where to buy sprayable sleep may be the next hot question in sleep products:

The tossing and turning, getting in and out of bed, and staring up at the ceiling for the rest of the night could only mean one thing: no sleep. Fortunately, the difference between staying up all night and a good night's sleep could lie within two spritz of Sprayable's melatonin skin spray. “Sprayable Sleep,” developed by the Silicon Valley start-up, is the world's first topical melatonin spray that helps you fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed — without the melatonin-induced groggy feeling.

Each bottle of Sprayable Sleep contains 60 sprays, equivalent to 30 uses or a month’s supply with regular use, according to prayable Sleep’s IndieGoGo page. The spray consists of three ingredients mixed together, including melatonin, tyrosine, and distilled water. Sprayable Sleep works by you spritzing it twice on your neck about an hour before you’re ready to sleep. However, spraying frequency can be adjusted based on how many sprays it takes to fall into a slumber.

Unlike melatonin pills, the sleep spray makes melatonin molecules by encapsulating them. Swallowing melatonin pills leads to losing the benefits of the hormone to the digestive process. Meanwhile, the spray contains a transdermal delivery of melatonin, so “you can much better control the dose, and the amount is much closer to the body’s natural production level,” Ben Yu, Sprayable’s founder and developer of Sprayable’s Sleep, told Bloomberg Businessweek.

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